20-20 kindness

Some acts of kindness touch you in a deep unforgettable way, filling you with hope that there is good in life and that things will get better.
Can’t forget such hope even if I forget the acts that birthed it.

At the point of the act, a “thank you” is expected and when it does come, the weight never goes beyond the act because even the recipient sees little beyond the immediate act.

But with time, and our typical 20-20 hind sight, we come to appreciate that the act was just a token but the impact was the real objective.

Now, from this point of view, when the recipient says “thank you” it is gratitude for the impact, it has a whole lot more weight and this time both the weight and the gratitude are unexpected pleasant surprises for the channel of the initial act who, by this, is encouraged to keep going.

The benefit of 20-20 hindsight on acts of kindness multiplies the value of the act.
Let’s keep doing the little good we can, it changes lives.


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