One Jesus and two kids

Remember that 2014 movie based on a true life story of a boy who died, went to heaven and was restored to life at the age of 4? It was titled Heaven is for Real.

In that movie, an effort was made by his parents to identify the face of Jesus from several pictures and paintings.

The little boy had tried to describe the Jesus he saw but it was when he saw the painting of Jesus by another child that he affirmed what Jesus looked like while he was in heaven. The painting was titled “The Prince of Peace”.

The amazing experience of Colton Burpo is corroborated by the equally amazing experience and artistic talent of Akiane Kramarik. At age 13 Akiane was already very successful financially and as an artist.

She is a lot older now and recently released a video of her journey to paint the impossible. You should watch it:

If you haven’t seen the movie Heaven is for Real, please search it out gather your family and watch it.


Wedding Knight


I am a young man who loves God and i have faithfully kept my body for my intending wife. I have no experience in that area. I don’t also want to go online to watch porn. I really don’t want to disappoint her on our wedding night. So what do you advice me to do?


Valid concern. I commend your life of chastity and for the sense to avoid pornography. I have a friend who is a sex counsellor and she helps couples having problems in this areas. She pointed out something that should be obvious to us but we forget. Porn movies are performed by actors paid to create the impression that sex in a certain way or style or whatever is so mind blowing. The repercussion is that people who watch them will never be sexually satisfied because they are not getting it quite like those guys on TV.

Watching pornography to learn how to have sex is setting exam for yourself by yourself which you will still fail miserably.

Now, wedding night. The big deal about the wedding night is not because some special magic will happen to you. Sex on the wedding night is the same as every other night after that. The only difference is that it’s the first time you will experience such.

That right there is the issue – The first time. If the woman you marry has also never been sexually active, I am sure she will have the same anxiety as you’re having. Both of you need to calm down and also calm each other down.

Who taught Adam and Eve what to do and how to do it?

The instinct has been programmed into your body, just go with it. It might be slow at first but you’ll eventually get a hang of it.

Ask anyone, sex in marriage gets better as the couple progresses. It’s a journey, an adventure of discovery you take together. Whatever happens between you and your bride on your wedding night, like every other thing, is between both of you and it’s up to you to make of it what you decide together. If you guys take it to be a disastrous big deal, so it will be. If you take it to be fun adventure with a clumsy start, so it will be.

As you draw close to your wedding date, I counsel about a month to, bring up sex as a topic. Let her know that you intend to please her sexually but she should also bear with you as it would be your first time. If she is wise, she will realise that marriage is beyond sex and she will accommodate you. It would be easier for her to support you if you have been supportive of her before now.

There are godly books about sex. You could pick to read a short while before your wedding or even together during your honeymoon as you both learn to please each other.

I do not counsel bringing up sex earlier than a month to your because once you open the can on sex by talking about it, the pressure to get sexual in your relationship becomes astronomical for most people and many don’t escape it. But close to your wedding, you’re surrounded by people and your mind is occupied with wedding plans you have very little time to dwell on the thoughts so it helps.
There is a first time for everything, only God gets everything right the very first time.


Hey doc!: Fibroids

Q: What causes fibroid in women? Is it true every woman is liable to having it at a point in life?

A: Fibroids.

The actual cause is not known but it definitely has a genetic tendency amongst female relatives like mother, sisters, etc. Since this genetic tendency is not in every family, not every woman will fibroids.

Quite often, they are first noticed during pregnancy because they tend to grow in size under the influence of the high levels of hormones that help grow the fetus. This does not however mean that they feed off the baby or any other stuff like that.

Once the baby is delivered and the hormone levels return to normal, the fibroids also tend to shrink to smaller sizes and some even “disappear”.

They are also often discovered in the process of investigating infertility. A simple ultrasound scan would pick them up. But even when found, they are not always the cause of infertility. A good doctor would be able to identify if the fibroids found are implicated in the case of infertility.

You might have heard that things like high sugar intake, infections, abortions, premarital sex or too much sex, having too many children or having no children or being overweight as causes of fibroids; these are not true.

In the process of investigating some of these conditions, a doctor might stumble across fibroids but this in no way suggests them as causes.

Looking forward to Paul

I just came across this.

A movie is in the making on the story of Apostle Paul with Jim Caviezel starring as Luke.

I am gladdend by the current trend of Christian movies in terms of quality output, calibre of actors recruited and the publicity. There are folks who won’t “hear” the gospel any other way.

Watch “PAUL APOSTLE OF CHRIST (2018) Movie Full Official Trailer Drama Movie HD JC Series” on YouTube