Lord of Her Ring

Question: Is it right to tell your fiance that you have bought engagement ring at least to gain her trust and loyalty?

Or u just keep it cool till the engagement day?


Basically, I’d say let the Lord guide you.

If she’s been eager for it, the sooner the better.
However, if her trust in you hinges on your getting her a ring, I think there is trouble on the horizon. Today it’s engagement ring, tomorrow it’ll be something else. You might find yourself being given increasingly difficult tasks until you can’t keep up.

Do you know what the end result will be when you finally fail? In spite of all the tasks you concluded in the past, she will conclude in the end that she cannot trust you.

Trust is another word for faith; some Bible translations use the word “trust” where others use “faith.” Faith is believing what God has told us. Of course faith without works is dead but, essentially, faith is taking God at his word. That is why even when things don’t look like it we can still have faith because it is based on the relationship and not on his performance.

So, I expect your girl to have learnt to trust you outside your performance. Even though your performance goes a long way to build her trust or break it down, if you perform poorly, it is not the best for her to tie her trusting you to one specific item. She might get what she wants but it makes it easy for her to be deceived. What if you are actually not worthy of her trust but manage to get her what she wants? This is a very common way girls get swept off their feet by unworthy guys.

For you, I encourage you to always demonstrate your commitment to her in everything you do. That way, you gradually train her to look beyond the things you do to make her happy until she sees you for who you really are.


2 thoughts on “Lord of Her Ring

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