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How do I terminate a relationship that is not working having realized that the guy is not my match?

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The way to end a relationship is as simple as the way it was started. It only becomes complicated by the emotions that are involved.

When you started, he most likely spoke to you and you gave a positive answer so the relationship started. Ending it is not very different from that. Meet him, give him your reasons why you feel the relationship is not of benefit to you and then tell him it is best both of you go your separate ways.

However, it will be very immature to send him a text message or write a letter to end it or even tell someone to do it for you. It is even worse if you attack him, insult him or raise an emotional storm just to have an excuse to call it off.

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So please be mature about it and leave the relationship without damaging him more than a broken relationship would or destroying his self-esteem. Remember that it is still your sister in the Lord that will marry him at the end of the day so don’t damage him for her.

by Dr Linda Oyanna … for UNLIMITED.


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