Q: Please I would love to know what can be the cause of a woman vagina smelling and how can someone stop it?

A: Generally, poor hygiene is the culprit. But there are also some inapparent infections which can easily be treated. 

Question though, who told you your vagina is smelling. I’ve heard this before from men who are avoiding their wives sexually. And in most cases, it’s just rubbish.

But if your vaginal secretions are smelly even to you, then it’s infected. Get treated.

Do not do any of these online native doctor things like inserting something or spraying something inside your vagina. Most likely, you will worsen the condition. 

Wear good body spray and perfumes, shower more frequently, better yet before hubby gets home and just before bed which is when sex is most likely.


Hey Doc!: Biological Clock

Q: With respect to the unmarried ladies who have advanced in age (30-45years). How do they get assured biologically that reproduction will not be an issue when they get married?

A: Hallelujah ooo

We have come to accept science as the basis for our every day lives. Nothing wrong with science but you have to know science is not an authority on anything whatsoever.

I’m sure you have read science books and you encountered the expressions “Why this happens is not yet fully understood”. You also see others such as ” highly suggestive of”, “not likely”, “unlikely”, ” some, many, most” and on reputable sites, you see information represented in percentages which is never up to 100%.

All this points to two things, science is a highly valued opinion based on statistical analysis of data obtained by observation. Simply put, science is observation.

2. Most of us did science experiments in school and we were feeling cool that we were scientists. Even if all you did was plant beans, like my sons, and watch it grow, you called yourself a scientist. But you didn’t create the beans nor the soil nor the water and there was nothing you could do to make the beans germinate sooner. 

That’s the second point, science is not responsible for creating anything, except more questions requiring more observations.

Put these two together, what you get is that, science observes the work of another person, namely God, and tries to explain how and why they happen the way they do but can’t change anything. 

All we do in science is establish a normal distribution curve and say what is likely to happen in 66.7% of the population, what is less likely to happen in the next 27% and what is remotely possible in the remaining 3%.

If we asked the person responsible for what science is trying to comprehend, He will tell you all things are possible.

Please, do not relegate the contents of the Bible to mere stories for bed time. Sarah, your mother; Elizabeth, even Mary all had children outside the normal distribution curve. 

Set your affections on God, He will give you the desires of your heart.

Testimonies abound. One sister shared a testimony of two aunts who had their first babies after age 50. Another shared of her sister recently who had her first baby after menopause. There is another of a 60 or 70 year old woman who dedicated her fist baby, in Living Faith Church in Kogi State. She had never ever been pregnant, so we’re not talking about miscarriages o … never been pregnant. Suddenly she started to feel somehow, and with her husband, went to see her doctor and she was found with twins. 

Time will not allow me to share the testimony of when I should have died of a heart attack, science failed, God prevailed after I was told my chances of survival were “highly unlikely”. Being a doctor myself, I would have said that to any patient with similar clinical findings and laboratory findings, based on the science at hand, with high degree of confidence of my diagnosis.

Some know the story, I have shared it severally.

Jonah 2:8 They that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy.

Do not forsake your own mercy under the hand of God by following the dictates of the postulates of man called science.

You hear?

Hey Doc!: Nipple Discharge



PS: I read online that it causes infertility….


Part time of our problem in this generation is too much information. 

I am sure you read “the causes of this secretions from the breast have been associated with infertility in a percentage of women” but you came away with “it causes infertility”.

It is completely harmless in many many maaaaaany women and often stops after they have babies. 

And, my sister, if any woman presses her breast hard enough, there will be pain (especially for a woman who has never breastfed) and for some, there will be some secretions.

The reason the drugs are not controlling your complaints is probably because it is not what you think is causing the problem that’s causing it, probably.

Please, stop pressing your breast unnecessarily.   
See a gynaecologist rather than a generalist if you have the chance. And don’t go insisting that something is wrong with you. You may just get authoritative information from an expert if you’re open to him and allow him educate you. Drugs are not always the treatment. Sometimes, just sound advice is enough.

Hey Doc!: Painful Nipples


I have this issue of vaginal discharge and my pharmacists has given me drugs and an inserter which I used but then I see this whitish discharge with odour seems like its the drugs coming out … I have explained to the pharmacists he said after my treatment today I shuld wait for four days  before coming to him if there is no change … although there is a reduction in the smell and discharge is there hope?? Or what should I do … cause I still somewhat feel pain on my nipples. 


Pain in the nipples, apart from poor breastfeeding techniques, is common around ovulation. You can take charge of that as well by your faith.

However, it has nothing to do with vaginal discharge. Foul smelling vaginal discharge is a sign of certain kinds of infections. Please, see a doctor for your treatment, not a pharmacist. I know folks would think I’m doing professional beefing against pharmacists but that’s not what’s going on here. Even amongst doctors, there are specialists in women’s health so if you have the opportunity, see a gynaecologist rather than a generalist.

And your pharmacist or nurse, should know that they owe patients the duty of care to get them the best service available. 

None of us will meet a panel beater to fix the problems in the engines of our cars simply because the panel beater works in the same vicinity and as part of a team with a trained mechanic.

So, sister, see a doctor. There is plenty of hope. I met a sister who complained and complained of discharge for so long she and I were tired. She thought she wouldn’t enjoy sex, she got married and with some counselling from my wife, she did. She thought she wouldn’t get pregnant, she did. She thought she wouldn’t have a smooth delivery, but much to her surprise, she did. Now she is a happy mother to a beautiful girl. 

So relax, as long as you’re alive and Jesus is alive, all is well.

Hey Doc!: Menstrual Pains


Sir, what is the cause of menstrual cramp?

Overtime, I do have very painful period despite my reduction of sugar intake,  so I take drugs to subside the pain. But I was told taking drugs to ease the pain could have future complications. What can I do about it?

Lastly, sometimes I do see what I will term abnormally huge blood clot, should I be concerned sir?


Good question.

Painful menstruation, also called dysmenorrhea, is an entity long studied but not fully understood as to why it occurs in some and not in others. 

It can be caused by some well known pathologies though but for most people, the cause is unknown. So you might choose to see a doctor to identify which applies to you.

Contrary to many myths around it, there is nothing beyond it that should bother you apart from the pain. It does not affect fertility and is not caused by high sugar intake. The sugar gist is just native doctor medicine online.

Taking pain killers to control the pain does not do anything to your reproductive system, please. Of course all drugs have side effects but taking pain killers will not stop you from enjoying sex (with your husband) nor will it complicate delivery later.

The blood clot, the abnormally large blood clot you see is no big deal. The menstrual flow is not a calibrated or regulated process and is thus not consistent. If your body secreted more endometrium building hormones this cycle than the last one, you will have more endometrium (which you call blood) to shed this month. It should only become a bother if you consistently shed large amounts for more than 7 days and/or you always get very dizzy during menstruation, enough to require hospitalization for IV fluids or blood transfusion. 

If that’s not the case, just change your sanitary pad regularly and have your fun.

Finally, as believers, you have the right to banish painful menstruation from your life for ever so that all you’ll need do is get a fresh pack of pads and your high heeled shoes to catwalk on the devil’s head.

I’ve prayed with a number of ladies and they were freed, testimonies abound amongst believers from all over the world in his regard.

If you want to be free from it, in Jesus’ name, I set you free today.

Come back with your testimony.

Hey Doc!: Ovarian Cysts


Sir, ovarian cysts are becoming a normal thing for ladies in their late 20’s and early 30’s. Is there something particular about the age bracket,that causes it. And how, can one prevent it?



When we say, it is becoming a normal thing, there are two faults with that statement. 

1. It has always been there but due to a previously poor science and a reluctance to visit the hospital, we didn’t identify them. A lot of waist pain our mothers used to complain of when they were young could be due to such things.

2. Normal?

No. Preponderance does not equate normalcy. The fact that the documentation has become rampant does not mean it is acceptable.

Now, that being said, ovarian cysts means fluid collections in the ovaries. 

There are definitely various types and causes but the one described as common and thus likely to be erroneously described as “normal” is the one that tends to occur around ovulation. 

There are many ovarian follicles in each ovary and in each cycle, by a yet to be understood protocol, one of them is selected to be the primary follicle. It gradually swells faster than the others and eventually leads to ovulation. Thereafter it remains prominent for a while.

Any interruption in this process that either leads to a delay in ovulation or resolution in the ovulated capsule will lead to fluid accumulation called a cyst. 

There are other that just form without an egg inside. These ones have no known cause and tend to occur in young women mostly but can occur with pregnancy and cause some pain because they stretch the ovary.

For most of them, they resolve spontaneously but some get large enough to require a simple surgery to drain them.

The reason they are tagged normal is that they mostly just require monitoring and, with no specific treatment, they resolve on their own.

A Room for Labour and Lessons

I was part of a discussion on another platform recently that was really fulfilling. One of the participants suggested that I blog it. It was difficult for me to leave out their comments because it was a major part of the beauty of the discourse.
I have here shared it with you, of course, protecting the identities of these precious friends by using codes.
It’s a long read but I have not doubt it’s fun…. Enjoy.

Me: First timers day in our labour room today.

First time deliveries are usually problematic, even for the most experienced hands. Today, we had soooooo many. Some ended well, with their babies. Two of them have a story that stirred my heart.

I usually don’t attend to labour cases unless to resolve some difficulty as was with the case here and when I was through I wanted to walk away but I was feeling sorry for the young under-18 expectant mother. I lingered and assisted but at the end, in spite of our best efforts, the baby was dead on delivery. After the mother found out her baby was dead, she started crying but then she said, “I didn’t get to see him”. We had to get the baby to her immediately, rather than later as is the usual practice, so she will see his face, albeit dead. I felt sad.

I thought of dreams we labour at but that, just at the last minute, fell through and didn’t see the light of day. I thought of the spiritually dead who pass on into eternity without seeing the light of Christ nor taking a whiff of the breath of life at all. I thought about these and I felt sad. Perhaps, judgement day is God saying “I didn’t get to see him”.

The other woman, she’d several times lost pregnancies half way through; several pregnancies but not a single baby to show for her pain, nothing to show for her labour. And then this time, she gets pregnant again, her husband abandoned her to her parents fully expecting her to lose the pregnancy around the sixth month as usual.
The woman showed up like clockwork at the hospital at about the sixth month complaining of labour pains. We found out she was too familiar with preterm labour and had resigned to it. We had to disabuse her mind of the thought that it had to be so this time around. She started draining shortly after that. She visited the hospital more frequently than any other pregnant woman I have ever handled and each time, she felt certain she was in labour… aborting again.

Well, between her 24th week and today, her 35th week, after 11 weeks of hospital visits and drugs, she came in yesterday in unstoppable labour but by today she still had not delivered. We had to take her to theatre for a cesarean section. At the end, she has twin girls alive and well.

I speak to you, no matter how many times you have tried and lost, no matter how many times you have missed it, keep going… keep moving forward. If God could be so kind to this non-believing woman to compensate her for lost time, then he will certainly do more for you his child.

Joel 2:25-27. And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten … And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed. And ye shall know that I [am] in the midst of Israel, and [that] I [am] the Lord your God, and none else: and my people shall never be ashamed.

A1: The 1st woman’s story is soooooo touching.
Wow!!!!!!! Glory Glory Glory to God

A2: Glory to God! I’m almost in tears, amazed at God’s mercy and love. May his name be praised forever. Amen to your prayers sir.

A3: Thank you Jesus

A4: Wow wow. That is so great. So many lessons to learn. Glory to God!

A3: I pray those kids will have an encounter with God in their lives.

I feel pity for the young brides who are maltreated by their husbands. Married when they are still children to men older than even  their fathers and are  yet to understand the world just for them to be abandoned by these same men when they encounter challenges… challenges that a wife would expect her husband to stand by her.

Me: I think it was last week Wednesday or so that I saw, for the first time in 9 years of working here, a woman who was pregnant for the first time at the age of 20. I was surprised… Pleasantly surprised.

A3: It is sad. Culturally legalized child abuse.

A5: The stories are endless. I lived in the region so I know what you mean.

A4: Hmmmm so sad … these are cultural issues human rights activists should face but hardly do.

A3: In a Drs chat grp in the place I work that I am also a part of, an issue concerning this came up and a doctor, I mean a doctor indigenous to that area, that is supposed to be enlightened and should know better said if God does not want minors to have children,  then why is a girl’s reproductive system mature  at 12 yes of age? I was sooooo angry that I just left the group.
My boss, a doctor, who shld be approaching 50 if not more than that just married an 18 yr old girl as a second wife.

Q: But please…. just saying, is 18yrs too young an age to marry? I personally don’t think so. Please try to understand me. I am against 50 yrs marrying 18 yrs. For social reasons and more. But is 18yrs too young to marry say a 25 yrs old man cos most of our aged grand and great grand married at 18 yrs… :oops::oops::oops:

Me: My dear, your question is valid. Nothing wrong with asking.

A5: I don’t think it is wrong to be married. I have a problem with anything less than 18. I just don’t see why a 13yr old should be married.

A3: There is nothing wrong in an 18 yr old girl getting married but there are many factors to consider. In our society, an 18 yr old girl just finished her secondary school. How about other things in life like pursuing a tertiary education before getting married?
If we notice, those of our mothers who got married that early do not want their daughters to do the same. Some go as far as demanding that their daughters finish their masters degrees before marriage cos they know they had to give up a lot.

A5: On that I agree.

A3: She is mature physically but how about emotionally and mentally?

A4: True. Most xtain families in some countries consider it an ideal age to marry. In fact, I mean developed countries. So you find them marrying in year one in university. They believe it is better to marry than to burn.

A3: In developed countries, at 18 , you would have charted a course for your life but not here.

A4: Yes not here. I agree absolutely. I had to raise this so we think outside the box.

A3: I agree it is better to marry than to burn but if sex is the reason for marriage,  then hmmmm. After the wedding and sex has been accomplished, what next?

A5: Exactly. Preach it …..

A4: You know, in some developed countries they have massive support. Most of the Christian communities support themselves. They also can get job easily.
In our society it is finance that affects most late marriages. So like some one said a poor economy equals shaky family lives. From marriage to afterwards .
At what age was Mary betrothed to Joseph? How old was Joseph…probably very young but he already had a profession. Food for thoughts.
How old was Kenneth Copeland when he married? Don’t mind me …. I like to expand matter.

A6: Hagin was 19 or 20.

Me: Hagin started ministry at age 17. If he got married at 19 or 20, then he was already on a well charted course at that time. His wife was a year younger than he.

A4: See? It bothers me how these days a 25yr old man is still in his parents’ house. Thanks to strikes and shaky economy.

A6: I like the factors [A1] has laid down. Emotional and mental maturity are key.

A4: True ….. very key. However, it goes to say maturity is not age dependent nor after 18yrs. It depends on how you are raised, your community and culture and your personality and exposure.

Me: Age is the number of years a body has spent on earth. 18 years is the legal age for most countries in the world for adulthood and attending rights.
However, just as some people at 18 are very mentally sound and some are still very immature, same with the body. The body doesn’t become mature at 12,16,18 or even 25. It becomes mature when it becomes mature. It varies from person to person.
Some girls indeed have reproductive maturity at age 12 but that is in the vast minority, the very tail end of the normal distribution curve. Something so rare cannot be adopted as the basis of a blanket statement but obviously that is what has been done and still being done in our setting.
Statistics show that for the vast majority of women, the best reproductive years are between the ages of 18 and 35 or so but even at that, other assessments need to be done to be sure she is ready or to, at least, have a guess.

18 years at marriage is not wrong but in most parts of the world as well as ours, at 18, most people today are not ready to face their world as stand alone individuals. At 15, our ancestors were warriors and farmers and blacksmiths or whatever and their women were excellent home makers. But that was all they needed to be in their days. Things have changed. Our world is infinitely more complex than theirs so we can’t simply make comparisons.

Besides, due to unavailability of data in our setting, it is difficult to convince people that the death rates in the days of our ancestors were astronomical compared to today. Most families lost untold numbers of babies at birth for reasons ascribed to the anger of the gods of the land and all they had to do was offer sacrifices… which mostly didn’t work cos people were still dying anyway.

My grandma lost three or four babies between her first child and her second which was my mom. My mom married when she was 17, I guess she was big and looked ready but she couldn’t get pregnant until she turned 20 and I was the result. Of course in between there were all manner of reasons to explain what happened but my guess is her body simply wasn’t ready because there after, she never had a problem conceiving and she ended her reproductive career with a beautiful set of twin girls bringing the total to 8 kids.

However, I don’t need statistics to convince you that the population of the world is increasing steadily. This is partly because child survival rates have gone up and that is because scientific practices are being adopted more.

When one mentions science, people immediately wrinkle their nose thinking we are submitting all the credit to science. But the truth is science is not creation, science is discovery. You observe, make notes, compare, analyse data gathered and find a line of best fit, test the theories so surmised and then accept them as the basis for practice if they are constant in their deliveries. That is all science does, no matter how fanciful it appears.

So, if science tells us that it is better to allow a lady reach her 18th birthday before getting married and consequently pregnant, it means this age has been associated with the most acceptable outcomes in most cases.

It is not wrong biologically for a girl to marry at 18 or before 18 in some extremely rare cases but there is more to that girl child’s life than marriage, more today for a girl to become than she would have had the chance to be say 100 or even 50 years ago.

I say give her a chance, let her mature mentally as well as physically, let her have have more than just sexual and reproductive capacity to take with her to her husband’s life. Men today need their women to be far more than they did back in the ancient times. Any man who is oblivious to that is still stuck in those ancient times times and it is such and similar “stuckness” that makes underdeveloped countries in the third world.

Q: Is age a prerequisite for maturity? I think it helps but experiences matter as well. Like our brothers’ leader would say to us then, “I have seen 30 year old boys and 18 year old men”.

Me: A child, girl or boy, who loses a parent has to survive so it is thrown into adult situations quite early and will appear to have matured quickly but stamina and toughness are only a part of maturity.

Q: Hmm….sir. Thanks as always. I will pick and save for when I am asked… but be rest assured I will reference your name properly.

A2: Definitely should go on the blog. Well said, sir, well said.

A6: Experiences = level of exposure.
Some people have it early, others take a while. However, like he said, there is a reason science chose 18 (generally accepted practice).

A4: True ….. very key. However, it goes to say maturity is not age dependent.

Me: I was in my 20s when I found myself in a situation at a ministers’ conference where someone pleading with me said “please, be mature” because some men in their 50s were fighting over seat positions while service was going on. I merely gave up my seat and picked the one both older men didn’t want. It turned out to be a better location than the one they were fighting over.
A few weeks later, at my granny’s funeral, one of the old men fighting over seats was officiating the program for the wake; he was my granny’s pastor. I had to wonder what he was teaching my granny all this while.

A4: Lol

Q: What then is maturity?

Me: There is growth, and there is maturity. Growth stops at some point, when maturity kicks in and never stops.
Maturity, apart from the physical component, begins when you start thinking that one day, you will have to stand up for yourself, make decisions and stand by them, bearing the consequences.
You further mature when you learn wisdom to chose what to stand for and what to allow to be. You keep learning and improving on your decision making skills as you go along but because that “going along” translates to time, you might have become considerably old before you have got it mastered. That is why we generally expect wisdom to be found amongst the old gray haired.
However, the wisdom arrived at is also dependent on what “trained” our minds in its journey. If all you had to go on are the experiences of yourself and others, you may come away with Street smarts and thus possibly jaded and cynical. If all you had was bookwork and bookworms, you might come away very philosophical and high sounding but perhaps not very practical. If all you had was spiritual stuff, then you might end up deeply thoughtful and conclude you, even at your old age, still have a lot to learn and most people might find it difficult to relate with you.
I think the man who has a balance of all three will do well.

A7: 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

A6: 🙌 Yes sir!

Q: 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I have to clap. Very well understood. Yes… Learning  should never stop.

A8: Nice one sir. The day you stop learning you start drowning. …🏊