Cyber Bible

wp-1485755713606.jpeg1John 1:8  If our system scan cannot detect redundant files, we must have skipped some drives and our system tools are outdated.

1John 1:9  If we submit our error log files, He is committed and equipped with superior tech support to deep scan, detect and fix those errors, fully optimize all our drives and restore our systems to predate all errors.


Cyber Bible: The Parable of The Coder

Mat 13:18  Listen to the parable of the coder.

Mat 13:19  When any one downloads the kingdom software but fails to install it, the hacker accesses his system and runs a system restore to an earlier date and effectively deletes the software from his system. This happens to those who downloaded the software on an incompatible system.

Mat 13:20  Those who downloaded the kingdom software unto systems loaded with conflicting programs, such as those who downloaded the software onto an excessively firewalled system and immediately installs it ignoring the compatibility warning,

Mat 13:21  Yet because their firewalls prevent the program from seeking real time online technical support to update his system, the programme runs for a while and when the software’s incompatibility messages become too frequent, they get offended and uninstall the programme.

Mat 13:22 Those who downloaded the software onto a system with corrupted programs were able to install the software but then the auto download programs on his system, the freebies with hidden viruses, and the frequent unprotected visits to free download sites installed malwares and other system resource demanding programs which render the kingdom software a low priority background program that can only run when system is idle. Sadly, such a corrupted system is never idle.

Mat 13:23 But anyone who downloaded the kingdom software unto a clean system and installed it was able output files at 100Gbpm, 60Gbpm or 30Gbpm depending on system specifications.