The Black Panther after Christ

The most recent Hollywood bomb is the movie, the Black Panther. There were a few well known faces like Forrest Whittaker and Angela Nasser. And Lupita Nyong’o who seems to have become a rising sensation.

And then there is Shuri … played by Letitia Wright.

I’d never heard of before though she has been on screen for a while now, after her role in the Black Panther, she is now referred to as a breakout star. Everybody knows Shuri now.

According to her, she almost missed out on the role after hitting a crisis in her life, dumping acting and going on a search for God.

“I needed to take a break from acting because I really idolized it. So I came off from it and I went on a journey to discover my relationship with God, and I became a Christian. It really just gave me so much love and light within myself. I felt secure, like I didn’t need validation from anyone else, or from getting a part. My happiness wasn’t dependent on that, it was dependent on my relationship with God.”

At the very depths of her depression, the British actress ended up coming to Christ after attending a London actors’ Bible study. In her passionate pursuit of her newfound faith wanting to put God first, she turned down an acting role that would have given her the opportunity to work along some major actors.

“I remember God was like, to me, ‘Give up the job,’ I can give you more than that; I just need you right now. Give up the job.”

Then, after laying down her own ambition and looking to the Lord, she was offered this gigantic role in Black Panther. She is now a major star of her own right and if the buzz is true, Shuri will show up again and again in more Marvel Comic movies. Comic readers already know Shuri became the Black Panther at some point after T’Chala so we might see Letitia again if Marvel Comics decides to pursue the thought.

Letitia also explained how many of those in the entertainment are coming to know Jesus, and that the Christian community in Hollywood is an extremely supportive one.

“There’s a reason there are so many Christians in the limelight. A lot of young people who are in the creative industry are finding an avenue toward God now,” she said. “We’re all in the same path, we’re all in the same thing. But we all support each other, and love each other, and keep each other grounded, and keep each other positive.”

Now an international sensation and with a glittering career ahead of her, Wright just wants to be used as a “vessel” for the Lord. “Where I go, where He takes me, that’s where I need to spread the love of God,” she said in an interview. “Because people’s souls are dying. My soul was dying, and He saved me. So I can’t keep this to myself I fell in love with Jesus and I’m still in love. Amen.”

She’s also quoted to have said,
“I’m not perfect. As a Christian, you’re not perfect, you know, but you’re walking everyday and trying to stay connected. I’m really grateful. I’m centered in who I am.”

Letitia wants to be an inspiration to young girls. I think she’s already a hero to a lot of people.

People think by becoming a Christian, you are losing something. The story of Letitia Wright is just one of the many that prove that faith in Christ and success and fame are not mutually exclusive.


One Jesus and two kids

Remember that 2014 movie based on a true life story of a boy who died, went to heaven and was restored to life at the age of 4? It was titled Heaven is for Real.

In that movie, an effort was made by his parents to identify the face of Jesus from several pictures and paintings.

The little boy had tried to describe the Jesus he saw but it was when he saw the painting of Jesus by another child that he affirmed what Jesus looked like while he was in heaven. The painting was titled “The Prince of Peace”.

The amazing experience of Colton Burpo is corroborated by the equally amazing experience and artistic talent of Akiane Kramarik. At age 13 Akiane was already very successful financially and as an artist.

She is a lot older now and recently released a video of her journey to paint the impossible. You should watch it:

If you haven’t seen the movie Heaven is for Real, please search it out gather your family and watch it.

Relationship pitfalls and how to avoid them. Part 4

I am talking about some of these pitfalls and what we can do to prevent them from occurring.
3. Finance

Some people have come to believe that once you are in a relationship, the other person automatically becomes responsible for your upkeep. This is so so wrong.

Until both of you walk to the altar, he or she is not responsible for you financially, he is not your father neither is she your mother. Your parents and yourself are responsible for you.

Do not burden the person with money for rent, school fees, recharge card, money to send to your parents, money to do business etc. It is inappropriate for your siblings or parents to call the person for money or recharge card etc.

He or she is not your ATM or savings account.

When a relationship is run like this, it stops being a romantic relationship and becomes a business transaction or employer-employee relationship.

You will make demands on the relationship and expect the person to comply because you have or are paying for the services.

It is easy for sex to be involved in this kind of relationship because there is a feeling of ownership.

If the relationship happens to break up, what will hurt you most will not be losing the person but the money you have INVESTED in the person.

He is not your sugar daddy neither is she your sugar mummy.

How do I avoid this?

Both parties in a relationship should be financially independent. There is nothing wrong in giving gifts when the occasions arise like birthdays, Christmas and all, but do not take the place of the person’s sponsor. Let his or her parents be the sponsor, if they can’t, the person should get a job.

If you so much want to change the person’s financial status then walk to the altar. However, be careful that the reason you are marrying the person is not because the person has become your pet project. That becomes another set of problems.

Continues as part 5

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Dr Linda Oyanna is a public speaker on health, relationship, marriage and family. She is a mother figure, mentor and role model for several young ladies who desire the balance she has been able to achieve among her many roles.

Looking forward to Paul

I just came across this.

A movie is in the making on the story of Apostle Paul with Jim Caviezel starring as Luke.

I am gladdend by the current trend of Christian movies in terms of quality output, calibre of actors recruited and the publicity. There are folks who won’t “hear” the gospel any other way.

Watch “PAUL APOSTLE OF CHRIST (2018) Movie Full Official Trailer Drama Movie HD JC Series” on YouTube

Relationship pitfalls and how to avoid them. Part 3

I am talking about some of these pitfalls and what we can do to prevent them from occurring.

2. Lack of respect for each other / bad attitude.
Lack of mutual respect for each other in a relationship can be a problem. When you disregard someone, you will tend to have a bad attitude towards that person.

You will not be courteous to the person and will disregard what the person has to say. Some people go as far as talking bad about the person to others.

This can lead to anger, quarrels, fights self esteem issues.

How do I avoid this?

If you can’t respect the person you are dating, please walk away. If someone is asking you out and you know the person does not make you instinctively respect him, please don’t go into it .

If in your relationship, you are having respect issues, both of you should sit down and re-evaluate the relationship.

The person’s mistake or inability to do what you expect is no grounds for disrespect.

Your annoyance does not justify talking bad about the person you are dating but only devalues the person before others.

…. Continues in part 4

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Dr Linda Oyanna is a public speaker on health, relationship, marriage and family. She is a mother figure, mentor and role model for several young ladies who desire the balance she has been able to achieve among her many roles.

Relationship pitfalls and how to avoid them. Part 2

I am talking about some of these pitfalls and what we can do to prevent them from occurring.

1. Immaturity.

A definition of immaturity I like most here is “not developed”. Another definition is not ripe. It is difficult to enjoy a fruit that is not ripe, the acid content will be so high that it will sting your mouth when you try to eat it. This is how it is when you date an immature person or if you, yourself, are immature.

Looking at the word “not developed”, it means when a thing has not grown. It is still in the infantile stage.

I am not referring to physical maturity because I believe that we understand that dating a child is unacceptable.

However, a person can be mature physically but immature spiritually and mentally.

Immaturity is a source of several problems in relationships because an immature person is selfish, self centred, does not care how the next person feels and is only happy when things go the way he or she wants it to go.

Caring for an immature person is draining, tedious and distracting. You are always on your toes, round the clock trying to attend to the person so he or she can be happy.

If you have ever taken care of a child,you will understand what I mean.

In the relationship, everything is based on the person’s happiness and if you dare not fulfil the happiness quota, the person will make your life miserable so you can feel the wrath of not making him or her happy.

Dating this person is like eating unripe fruit that will make your teeth sting and if not careful, you will end up with a belly ache.

A relationship involving immature people will never be enjoyed.

How do I avoid this?

If it is improper to date a physical child, then don’t date a spiritual or mental child. If you are immature, then you have to grow up. If you happen to be dating an immature person, help the person grow up if the person is willing to grow.

How? The word of God.

Study the word, read Christian literature that will help you grow and change your attitude, mindset and so on .

1 Peter 2:2. As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby.

Maturity comes from the word.

If your fiance or fiancee is not interested in growing, then don’t waste your time with the relationship.

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Dr Linda Oyanna is a public speaker on health, relationship, marriage and family. She is a mother figure, mentor and role model for several young ladies who desire the balance she has been able to achieve among her many roles.