“The Only Wise Man” 

Mr. A is known to be very cunning, crafty and smart and has a reputation of being able to fool anyone.

Mr. B heard of this and decided to put Mr. A in his place and set him straight.

So on a certain morning he met Mr. A just as he was leaving the market through the north gate and said to him, “Mr. A, I am told you can trick and fool anyone. I just want you to know that you can’t fool me, I’ll catch you every time.” Mr. A’s brow furrowed with seriousness and after a moment said to Mr. B, “Alright, I accept your challenge. Just give a moment let me get some things from the market then I’ll come back and play some trick on you too.”

Mr. B agreed.

At the close of business for the day, some passersby saw Mr. B standing at the north gate of the market and told him if he was interested in doing business in the market, he’d better hurry as they were closing down, to which he replied, “No thank you, I’m just waiting for Mr. A to finish his business in the market so he’ll come and try to fool me and I can refute him.”

Everyone who heard Mr. B burst out laughing and shaking their heads. “You have already been fooled, Mr. B. Mr. A left over six hours ago through the west gate”
It’s foolishness to think you can never be fooled,

It’s deception to think you can never be deceived,

It’s wrong to think you can never be wrong;

Be wise, seek advice.



When you make a mistake and nobody tells you, it could be because you don’t mean much to them. If you’re making the same mistake over and again and nobody tells you, it could be because they have concluded there’s no point. And at that point, you’re in GRAVE danger. Look around you, who and who is keeping quiet over you? Don’t just bury it under the “friendship is not by force” carpet, you could actually be on a road to destruction – Selah

Peace to Pieces

“God is good… all the time”… Something we say often but usually what we mean is “Life is good” because when we do say “God is good” and mean it, it’s most often when life is good.

But isn’t God good even when life is bad or tough? Is God’s goodness a statement based on an analysis of His present gifts and descriptive of His generosity or is it based on His unchangeable nature, His divine personality?

Thinking, right?
Yeah, that’s it. That’s the objective.

See, those dark times that make us wonder where God is, or if He was around, why such a thing would happen … those dry times that drain our souls and scorch our bones, those are the times that mark us out, set us apart and announce us because anyone can fill the shoes of heroes when all around they are surrounded by fallen foes.

Those times when our lives are in shambles, dreams are in pieces, rose garden invaded by brambles, circle of friends littered with Judas’ kisses … those times when pains overtake our gains and our mistakes overtake us like skeletons overflowing the cupboard… at those times… we don’t always remember.

Sometimes, we forget that we are the righteous… we forget that whatever we lay our hands upon shall prosper… we forget that we are still seed and not yet harvest… we forget that seed must be planted in the bowels of the earth, wrapped in darkness but with light, unquenchable light, burning bright within… We forget that on the third day, He, the great He, will raise us up… we forget that the valley of the shadow of death is only a portion of the journey and not the destination, we forget… on those dark nights … sometimes we forget.

But though we forget, He doesn’t.

He doesn’t forget that’s He is good all the time and He doesn’t ever forget us at any point in time, be things good or be they bad. He doesn’t forget that He is faithful enough to raise us up, dust us up, breathe life into us again and start all over again.

I gave up at one point … on one of those dark nights, I forgot. I was ready to leave and just return home to the father and have The Great Physician tend my wounds for the rest of eternity. If I was sure that a suicide victim would make it to heaven, I would not be here by now. It was that uncertainty coupled with the certainty of a beautiful future God had shown me years before, a vision I once saw and believed, that made me keep going.

I’m not there yet but some mountains are moving now … the earth under my feet is quaking… bone is rolling towards bone … My name is not Ezekiel but I am here just watching … watching and waiting for God’s command to me to prophecy again.

You and I have to remember, recall and recollect that it is this same God who is God in the good and bad times… and He it is who shall recollect the broken pieces and make them good again.

If all we see started with nothing, imagine what He can do with the pieces of our lives.

He is shalom… He who brings peace to the pieces of our lives.


​I just saw this advert: Two guys walked into a shop and wanted the same deep chilled bottle of sprite, the only drink, in the store. 

The store owner brought out the bottle and placed it in front of them and they decided to duel for it. 

First guy took the bottle, did all sorts of amazing stunts, flipping it, spinning it and all that, even got his gang involved. They finished their dance with the bottle of drink, placed it on the table. And gave the other guy a look that says, “Your  move”. 

Other guy picks up the bottle, pops it open and empties it down his throat. Then started to spin the bottle as he walked away smiling,  leaving the other guy and his crew looking like, “What just happened?” 
Lesson learned: What looks cool may not be useful. Identify what matters and then get it done.