20-20 kindness

Some acts of kindness touch you in a deep unforgettable way, filling you with hope that there is good in life and that things will get better.
Can’t forget such hope even if I forget the acts that birthed it.

At the point of the act, a “thank you” is expected and when it does come, the weight never goes beyond the act because even the recipient sees little beyond the immediate act.

But with time, and our typical 20-20 hind sight, we come to appreciate that the act was just a token but the impact was the real objective.

Now, from this point of view, when the recipient says “thank you” it is gratitude for the impact, it has a whole lot more weight and this time both the weight and the gratitude are unexpected pleasant surprises for the channel of the initial act who, by this, is encouraged to keep going.

The benefit of 20-20 hindsight on acts of kindness multiplies the value of the act.
Let’s keep doing the little good we can, it changes lives.


“The Only Wise Man” 

Mr. A is known to be very cunning, crafty and smart and has a reputation of being able to fool anyone.

Mr. B heard of this and decided to put Mr. A in his place and set him straight.

So on a certain morning he met Mr. A just as he was leaving the market through the north gate and said to him, “Mr. A, I am told you can trick and fool anyone. I just want you to know that you can’t fool me, I’ll catch you every time.” Mr. A’s brow furrowed with seriousness and after a moment said to Mr. B, “Alright, I accept your challenge. Just give a moment let me get some things from the market then I’ll come back and play some trick on you too.”

Mr. B agreed.

At the close of business for the day, some passersby saw Mr. B standing at the north gate of the market and told him if he was interested in doing business in the market, he’d better hurry as they were closing down, to which he replied, “No thank you, I’m just waiting for Mr. A to finish his business in the market so he’ll come and try to fool me and I can refute him.”

Everyone who heard Mr. B burst out laughing and shaking their heads. “You have already been fooled, Mr. B. Mr. A left over six hours ago through the west gate”
It’s foolishness to think you can never be fooled,

It’s deception to think you can never be deceived,

It’s wrong to think you can never be wrong;

Be wise, seek advice.



When you make a mistake and nobody tells you, it could be because you don’t mean much to them. If you’re making the same mistake over and again and nobody tells you, it could be because they have concluded there’s no point. And at that point, you’re in GRAVE danger. Look around you, who and who is keeping quiet over you? Don’t just bury it under the “friendship is not by force” carpet, you could actually be on a road to destruction – Selah