The same Eliashib who performed nobly under Nehemiah performed shamefully under Tobiah. Sad.

Yet this shows why we should pray for those in government so we can live “peaceful, honest and godly lives.” (1 Timothy 2:2). If Tobiah had been a godly fellow, his influence on Eliashib would have helped Eliashib perform better.

Sometimes, in order to do God’s will as He wants us to, we’d have to turn our backs on family members and break some family ties. Jesus said so. (Matthew 10:34-37).

— end —





The faithfulness of God, his integrity, is foundation to our faith in him.

It is vital for us to understand and settle in our minds forever that God is faithful irrespective of our circumstances. If we suffer, God is faithful to bring us out with forgiveness and mercy (vs 17-19) if we have sinned and opened the gate to the enemy (vs 32-35). If we are oppressed, he is faithful to deliver us with his mighty hand and leave his name branded in the history of our oppressors (vs 9-10) and if we are free, it is His faithfulness in being merciful, gracious and slow to anger.





There is always joy in the discovery of the will of God for our lives. Greater yet is the joy that fills our heart when we do his will.

If you ever find a child of God joyless, consider him carefully. He’s most likely adrift as pertains to his knowledge of God’s plan for his life or if he knows, he’s not doing a thing about it.

Again, if you think well, you’ve been there as well.





“His brother? Hmmmm…All these pastors and church leaders always turn everything into a family affair”. Most people would react this way. Jealousy mixed with ignorance and distrust.

Were you there with the pastor when he had his fiery trials as he tried to establish the work for which you now desire credit and recognition? Did you weep with him when people left the church, calling him all sorts of things except “man of God?” Did you spend the night all alone in your bed because your husband or wife was away on missionary assignment? Did your family miss your presence because you were so “carried away” with church work? If not, your jealousy is misplaced.

Do you realize that when God calls a man, he calls to work all that is in the man’s life, including members of his family? When God called Adam to work the garden, he sent his wife with him. When God called Abram to inherit a promise, he didn’t leave Sarai behind. Who was Moses’ vice president and who was the women’s leader in the “Wilderness Church of God?” Who ascended the throne of David to build the temple of God? Do you realize that James, the brother of Jesus, was one of the Central Executive Council Members of the Early Church”? or maybe you think it was a mistake that the book of Jude was included in the New Testament and it had nothing to do with the issue of him being the Lord’s brother.

If you have actually thought you deserved the right to take over after the founder and you didn’t notice all these connections, then the impact of your ignorance on the rest of us would have been alarmingly disastrous. It is a blessing just to know that the mantle didn’t fall on you.

And if you actually thought that pastor was a man of God, why do you query his judgement with such tones of distrust over his motives?

Those closest to the man of God always have a place in his heart … and in the plan of God.